Sebastian Refi Motivated to Build Off Stellar Performance vs. Legacy 76

Sebastian Refi Motivated to Build Off Stellar Performance vs. Legacy 76

May 18, 2018

Virginia Beach City FC forward Sebastian Refi couldn’t have been more motivated entering the 2018 NPSL season.

Refi, a native of Argentina, played last season for VB City FC but didn’t produce the results he had hoped. Looking for a place to play over the spring, Refi tried out for VB City FC and was offered a spot on the roster. He had offers to play elsewhere, but VB City FC head coach Brian Hinkey sold him on what he could accomplish with VB City FC.

“I realized he knew what he was talking about,” Refi said. “We would be able to grow if we were under his command. In this country, not many people can provide you feedback because they don’t know much about the sport. Remember, I’m from a country where the only thing that we speak on is soccer. I’ve known this sport for a long time and I’ve played at a high level back home. I know when things are run properly and when things are done in a good way.

“I realized instantly that I was coming to a good place where we were able to grow.”

Refi enjoyed his 2017 experience with VB City FC but didn’t meet his own level of expectations.

“Last year, I thought that we would have more time to prepare ourselves before the beginning of the season and it wasn’t like that, so I wasn’t prepared,” Refi said. “I didn’t feel like I played my best soccer last season, so I had this feeling of revenge that I wanted to get out of my system.  also knew that we played a very good soccer style of possession and that’s how I like to play.”

That drive to improve pushed Refi to return to Virginia Beach City FC for another season and he couldn’t be happier where he is.

“It was a new experience,” Refi said. “Now, I know how everything works and I feel more confident. Also, I know the way that Brian wants us to play. Also, the teammates that are back, I know how they play so I can connect with them on the field and it makes things much easier.”

Refi started off the 2018 season as well he possibly could have. He netted two goals vs. Legacy 76 in VB City FC’s season-opener, leading Virginia Beach City FC to a 4-1 victory. Refi was proud of not just his performance but the performance of his teammates.

“It’s something we expect, this is for sure,” Refi said. “We need to keep improving in many aspects and this is just the beginning. We need to keep measuring ourselves against stronger opponents. I believe that this is a process and that this is not the best soccer we are going to play.”

Virginia Beach City FC will open their home schedule on Saturday night vs. FC Baltimore. The match will start at 7 p.m. and given VB City FC’s explosive start to 2018, more fireworks could be in store on Saturday.

“Really, I am just focusing on what I did wrong in our game because I believe we are going to control every aspect of the game,” Refi said of Saturday’s match. “I don’t believe we should watch the other team and see how we should react against them. I think they need to worry about us because of the last season we had. It was pretty good and unfortunately it didn’t end up the way we wanted it to. But we’ve proved we play good soccer. So I’m very confident in my teammates and the way we play.”

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