Trevor Knight Striving to Build On Hot Start to 2018 Season

Trevor Knight Striving to Build On Hot Start to 2018 Season

June 06, 2018

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA (June 6, 2017) — Trevor Knight doesn’t come with the pedigree that some American soccer players come with. Knight didn’t star in a successful high school program. Knight played for a small Division II school I North Carolina instead of a Division I powerhouse program.

And yet, Knight is proving that pedigree doesn’t matter. What does matter is that Knight has been Virginia Beach City FC’s most consistent offensive threat this season and he’s showing no signs of slowing.

“I feel like I’ve had good performances, but I don’t feel like I’m completely in form,” Knight said. “I think it’s been a decent season. I’m looking forward to the rest of it.”

For Knight, his humble beginnings have been a positive. Knight began playing soccer as a kid thanks to his family. Most of his family played and his father was his first coach.

“He was my first coach and really helped me fall in love with the game,” Knight said.

Knight played for Beach FC for much of his childhood, as he was homeschooled. When it came time for college, Knight decided to attend and play for the University of Mount Olive, a small, private college located in eastern North Carolina.

The small college atmosphere was perfect for Knight.

“It was really interesting because it’s a really small university,” Knight said. “There’s always someone there to help you, someone always knows and gets you, like where you want to go. I have a lot of peers who would go into physical therapy or physical training with me and would give me things I could work on. I got a lot of help from the athletic community there, as well as my peers.”

After his junior season, Knight joined Virginia Beach City FC and played a few minutes at the beginning of the season. However, Knight suffered a wrist injury and by the time it was healed, he decided that preparing for his senior season at Mount Olive was the prudent choice.

Knight graduated from Mount Olive in May and decided to come back to VB City FC for the 2018 season. His relationship with head coach Brian Hinkey was the key factor.

“I really enjoyed my experience,” Knight said. “(Hinkey) is very good at having players adjust to his system so it gives them the option to go play somewhere else. It’s all about how you know how to play. He’s really good at teaching how to play, how to listen, how to do things.

“It’s his feedback. He’s very good at not being too overbearing. He’ll let you know what you need to work on and giving you feedback. He’s fine with educating people on the game. He’s ok with being a teaching as well as a coach.”

Knight’s decision to return to Virginia Beach City FC is paying off. He’s scored three goals in VB City FC’s five matches, striking once vs. Legacy 76, FC Baltimore and Charlottesville Alliance FC. Knight’s three goals leads the team and with FC Baltimore next on the schedule, Knight could strike again this Saturday night. Knight feels an extra bit of motivation heading into this match, as VB City FC hopes to avenge their loss to FC Baltimore earlier this season.

“I definitely think there’s a little fire to get back at them,” Knight said. “I know the intensity we have, and I think we’ll get it done.”