Match Preview | #FSvVB

Match Preview | #FSvVB

June 08, 2022

Virginia Beach City FC will face off against First State FC on Saturday, June 11th at 6 p.m. ET at Abessinio Stadium in Wilmington, Delaware. This will be the first ever match up between the two sides. First State FC was slated to play in the Mid-Atlantic Conference in 2020; never occurring as the COVID-19 pandemic eventually canceled that season.

How Can I Follow The Match?

The match can be viewed by supporters on Virginia Beach City FC's profile on in English. Fans can also follow Twitter for live play-by-play updates or Instagram for stories with live highlights.

VB City FC News

On a streak, Virginia Beach City FC answered a draw and a loss in their first two regular season matches of 2022 with two wins. As the team has played more games together, the plan for the roster is finally taking shape and players are beginning to gel well.

“I thought we came in with a much better game plan and played with more purpose than we did the previous game against Grove,” said Assistant Coach Jimmy McCabe.

“A lot more guys played in their true positions; had a lot more tactical awareness of what was going on. We were able to manage the match better. Obviously, scoring the goal early in the match made a bigger difference organizationally compared to scoring it at the end of the match,” McCabe concluded.

Now sitting in third in the standings, Virginia Beach City FC gears up to take on a new competitor in the conference. Despite not knowing much about the opposition, the team will prepare for this one just as they do for any match.

“We are going to go into any game and try to set the tempo in our favor. We can look at what they’ve done statistically and sort of get an idea of what they are good at and bad at,” McCabe said.

“Thanks to the streaming service, we can find and watch some of their games to get an idea of who they are. As always, he hard part is knowing who exactly will be playing in the game.”

Additionally, as the season is reaching the halfway point, rotation plays a factor at this stage. The goal is to keep everyone healthy and that will potentially lead to getting to know some new names in the line-up.

“This coming weekend is going to see a lot of new faces. As guys have made their way through into training, some of those guys are going to get a chance to play and possibly start with the some of the other guys having played a lot of minutes already,” explained McCabe.

“Some of those guys are going to get a rest or get few less minutes to make sure we are getting a good rotation. We are getting to the point in the season where we are going to be having two games in one weekend. We want to preserve those guys for the long stretch while making sure the depth is up for it and everyone’s match fitness is where it’s supposed to be,” he reiterated.

First State FC Notes

First State FC comes into this match struggling at the start of the season with a 0-3-1 record; good for a single point and fifth in the Mid-Atlantic Standings. That one tie is their most recent result with FC Frederick on Tuesday, June 7th. As mentioned before, First State FC was lined up to have played in the NPSL Mid-Atlantic Conference in 2020. However, they never played a match in the conference as the COVID-19 pandemic canceled the season prior to the team having the chance to compete. In 2021, First State FC played in the NPSL Keystone Conference where they finished in fifth place out of eight teams; missing the playoffs by one spot. First State FC is lead by Head Coach Hans van Zutphen.



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