Virginia Beach City FC Announces Sponsorship Agreement With Explosive Performance

Virginia Beach City FC Announces Sponsorship Agreement With Explosive Performance

February 04, 2019

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (Feb. 4, 2019) — Explosive Performance of OneLife Fitness Redmill has signed on as an official sponsor of Virginia Beach City FC as the club pushes towards its first year as a professional soccer club.

“We are excited to have Terence (Boone) and his team from Explosive Performance working with our players and staff,” said VB City FC head coach Brian Hinkey. “Their programs and staff are of high quality and have experience working with players from the youth levels through the professional.  They are already having a major impact on our professional players who are working out at their state-of-the-art training center.  They are also beginning to train our youth academy players and the players are really enjoying it."

“We wanted to support an organization that is growing just as we are, be able to form a partnership that will not only impact the professional side of the organization but also the youth side as well for the present and future”, said Terrance Boone the director of Explosive Performance at OneLife Fitness Redmill.

Virginia Beach City FC’s agreement with Explosive Performance will benefit VB City FC’s professional and youth teams, focusing on giving VB City FC’s athletes the tools they need to start training like a pro.

“This partnership is a real value add for our athletes,” Hinkey said. “This training will help to develop more explosiveness in our athletes, prevent injuries from weaknesses & imbalances in the body, and result in more technical and balanced soccer players."

Explosive Performance has already started working with both the men’s teams and VB City FC’s academy teams, working with both groups at OneLife Redmill and on VB City FC’s practice fields, Norfolk Collegiate.

“Our program supporting VB City FC will allow us to have a platform to help our program reach many athletes from ages nine and up and be a key component to helping the professional team perform at a high level and develop great techniques to sustain off and in season,” Boone said.

As Virginia Beach City FC trains for the organization’s first professional season in the NPSL, Explosive Performance hopes to aid VB City FC’s mission as much as they can.

“We believe it’s a very exciting opportunity to have a professional soccer team in our area,” Boone said. “The young players now have an opportunity to become a professional soccer player by developing in the youth academy and having a place to become a professional through the VB City FC system and developing their performance through the Explosive Performance program.”

Virginia Beach City FC’s 2019 season is right around the corner. The season is slated to start in April and VB City FC will be announcing it’s first player signing in the coming weeks. To learn more about OneLife Fitness’ Explosive Performance program, visit their site here

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