Development Academy Format and Curriculum


The program aims to have approximately 72 players of each gender participate in this program. Players will be organized into groups of approximately 12 players each, who will train together during the week under the direction of our Academy Development professional coaches.

For weekend games, each group will be organized into two squads to compete against each other on the weekend. Both squads will be professionally managed by an academy professional coach. The format will be 4v4, giving each teams two subs.

The groups of players are likely to change or be mixed throughout the course of the season. The club will give families a notification about the updated group assignments along with other updates consistently throughout the season.


The Academy Development curriculum is designed by MLDA Technical Director, Brandon Ricker within the guidelines of US Soccer and United Soccer Coaches coaching education guidelines for players at the U6 to U10 ages. The program features a heavy emphasis on individual ball mastery, creativity and confidence all with in a fun and positive environment helping to maximum player development and enjoyment of the game. Each session will feature a theme. Examples include:

- Shooting and Technique
- Dribbling and Building Confidence - Basic Foundation and Change of Direction using different parts of the foot.
- Dribbling and Attacking - Fun moves such as the scissors and step overs, combination moves, penetrating runs by dribbling with speed at goal
- First Touch
- Passing and learning to play with teammates.

The theme of the week will continue into the weekend intra-squad game and will be encouraged by our professional coaching staff.