Virginia Beach City FC Youth Coach Tamara Combines Soccer and Service

Virginia Beach City FC Youth Coach Tamara Combines Soccer and Service

December 23, 2018

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (Dec. 23, 2018) —
With the holiday season in full swing, Virginia Beach City FC U14 and U12 youth coach Tamara Villalobos-Flores is going above and beyond to give back to the Hampton Roads area. Not only is Villalobos-Flores donating her time, she’s getting VB City FC youth players involved as well. 

“Every year, I try to get the kids involved in some philanthropic,” Villalobos-Flores said. “It’s very important that they understand they are a part of this community and building this community and the surrounding areas, making sure that they stay engaged and understand that there’s a responsibility as players, parents and members of the VB City FC coaching staff to make sure we take care of Norfolk as a whole.”

For this year, Villalobos-Flores took her kids to the Union Mission Ministry and stuffed food bags and stockings for those in need. It wasn’t the first time Villalobos has worked with the Union Mission Ministry, and her repeated charity work is all about building up the community around her.

“Regardless of what they want to be now, or in the future, they need to understand that it’s 100 percent community involvement that keeps this city going,” Villalobos-Flores said. “They need to know that they need to take care of the smaller kids and the elderly when they see them on the street. They need to make sure they are the best representation of themselves, the family and the club.”

Soccer and service run through Villalobos-Flores’ blood. She began playing soccer as a kid and after graduating college, Villalobos-Flores served in the armed forces.

Now, as a coach, Villalobos-Flores wants to push her kids not just to be successful on the field, but to foster success in the community. She’s bringing her kids to City Park on Christmas Eve to serve the underprivileged and homeless meals. It’s just another example of Villalobos-Flores growing her community from the inside out.

“However they can get involved and see that side of life, and make sure they understand the responsibilities they hold to themselves and the community, that’s why we want them engaged,” Villalobos-Flores said.

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