Virginia Beach Sportsplex Stadium


The Virginia Beach Sportsplex Stadium is a 3-level steel and concrete structure. The Service Level contains ticketing functions, administration area, souvenir store, team and officials' dressing rooms and miscellaneous support spaces. The Concourse Level consists of a broad spectator walkway leading to the lower seating deck, plus concessions and restroom areas. The Club Level leads to the upper seating deck as well as six (6) luxury suites.


The facility has a total of 6,000 seats located on two levels. The lower deck contains 3,600 seats, while the upper deck contains 2,400. The majority of the seats have armchairs with seat backs. All are conveniently located to restrooms and concessions. Unique to the Sportsplex is the availability of berm seating, which brings the stadium capacity up to 10,000.

The Playing Field

The field is comprised of a state-of-the-art turf surface. Made with Sportexe's advanced MonoTech fiber, PowerBlade HP, it combines the softness and lush appearance of natural grass with the engineered performance of modern synthetic turf. PowerBlade HP 2.0SR is designed specifically for faster gameplay and has passed the testing requirements to qualify as a FIFA 1-Star surface.

The playing surface contains a specially engineered sand/rubber ratio, which makes for a denser surface, enhancing speed and ensures a consistent ball roll. The playing surface is sized to accommodate international soccer matches (75 yards x 120 yards). This is more than adequate for the full range of typical field events, including football, field hockey, rugby, and lacrosse.

Field Lighting

The lighting has been engineered to provide 100 footcandles of illumination throughout the playing surface. This is a very high level that will meet the most demanding needs of a television broadcast.

On-Site Parking

The Stadium parking area is easily accessible through Landstown Road. A broad, well landscaped pedestrian walkway bisects the main parking areas, which contain a total of 2,122 spaces. Special areas near the stadium are reserved for handicapped parking and space is also provided for buses, teams, and service personnel.


In the spirit of a true ballpark experience, the Concession Level provides a broad pedestrian walkway with four concession stands offering fans a wide selection of savory foods and treats. Fans seated in the Main Concourse are served by concessionaires. Concessions on the Club Level provide similar fare, plus special service menus for the Luxury Suites. Team meals are also available at a discount when ordered in advance.

Provisions for the Handicapped

Special attention has been given to the needs of the handicapped. The seating levels are easily accessible by broad ramps and elevators. Special areas for wheelchairs with companion seats have been provided in all seating areas in each price range.


The Sportsplex is an easy 15-minute car ride from the oceanfront and towne center sections of Virginia Beach. It is located in close proximity to the Verizon Wireless Virginia Beach Amphitheater and the Virginia Beach National Golf Course.

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